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Andy Capp's Rebrand


Andy Capp's is a unique alternative to potato chips that took the look of french fries and made them crunch like potato chips.


The classic snack brand is lacking appeal to draw in the consumer to purchase their Andy Capp's Fries.


Give the classic fries a unique look that will help them stand out against its competitors while retaining a nice modern look that will attract more consumers than its competitors.

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16 Andy Capp-01.png
5 Andy Capp-07.png
1 Andy Capp-03.png
2 Andy Capp-04.png
3 Andy Capp-04.png
8 Andy Capp-09.png
9 Andy Capp-10.png
4 Andy Capp-05.png
10 Andy Capp-14.png
6 Andy Capp-07.png
11 Andy Capp-11.png
12 Andy Capp-12.png
7 Andy Capp-08.png
13 Andy Capp-14.png
14 Andy Capp-15.png
15 Andy Capp-18.png
16 Andy Capp-16.png

Andy Capp's older design before rebrand

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