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Duluth Timber Company Rebrand


Duluth Timber Company is a company that utilizes reclaimed wood to remake into great furniture that anyone can utilize in their everyday life.


The company creates elegant products but has a tough time getting consumers to purchase their products.


Give the company a modernized look while showing the consumers how Duluth Timber Company can create extraordinary products. 

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1 Duluth Timber-01.png
2 Duluth Timber-02.png
8 Duluth Timber-09.png
7 Duluth Timber-07.png
6 Duluth Timber-06.png
5 Duluth Timber-05.png
3 Duluth Timber-03.png
4 Duluth Timber-04.png
9 Duluth Timber-10.png
11 Duluth Timber-11.png
12 Duluth Timber-12.png
10 Duluth Timber-08.png

Old Duluth Timber Company logo before rebrand

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