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Ishikawa Package Design


Ishikawa is a Japanese sushi restaurant located in New York City that makes delicious meals to satisfy your hunger.


Ishikawa has great sushi, but some customers may not always finish their meals.


Introduce a unique to-go box that customers can utilize when they are unable to finish their meal.

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1 Ishikawa-01.png
8 Ishikawa-08.png
2 Ishikawa-02.png
3 Ishikawa-03.png
7 Ishikawa-07.png
9 Ishikawa-09.png
10 Ishikawa-10.png
11 Ishikawa-11.png
12 Ishikawa-12.png
13 Ishikawa-13.png
14 Ishikawa-14.png
15 Ishikawa-15.png
16 Ishikawa-16.png
4 Ishikawa-04.png
6 Ishikawa-06.png
5 Ishikawa-05.png
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