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Koenigsegg Package Design


Koenigsegg is a high-end car company located in Sweden that hand crafts the world's fastest cars by giving each detail a purpose while allowing the car to be safe for its customers.


The Koenigsegg key is a remarkable element of the car but it is not showcased when the customer receives their car.


Showcase the Koenigsegg key by giving it its own unique package. It will serve as a case for the key while also providing some history of the company inside of the package.

Key Packaging | Prints | Accessories

1 Koenigsegg Brand-01.png
2 Koenigsegg Brand-02.png
3 Koenigsegg Brand-03.png
4 Koenigsegg Brand-04.png
5 Koenigsegg Brand-05.png
6 Koenigsegg Brand-06.png
7 Koenigsegg Brand-07.png
8 Koenigsegg Brand-08.png
9 Koenigsegg Brand-09.png
10 Koenigsegg Brand-10.png
11 Koenigsegg Brand-11.png
12 Koenigsegg Brand-12.png
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